Kruger Park Rangers – The Professional Caretakers

Kruger Park rangers are the staff employed to look after the game reserve. They help keep the balance between plants, animals, ecosystems and tourists.

To look after a national park, especially one as large and diverse as Kruger National Park, the rangers need to be prepared for anything at all times! In order to do so, all the park rangers are qualified, experienced and professional.

Kruger Park rangers leading a game walkGame wardens can tell you a lot of very interesting stories about the different animals they have seen and what the animals have been doing. If you’re on a tour or meet a ranger at a rest camp, it’s really worthwhile asking them about something you’ve seen in the park and want to know more about. Chances are they will have a well of information for you.

Kruger National Park Rangers:

  • Track the number of each type of animal in the park. This is a part of wildlife management. Rangers use the information they collect to manage population and the rate at which vegetation is eaten by the animals.
  • Track and arrest poachers who enter the park hunting for ivory, horns, furs and meat.
  • Lead tours and act as guides, such as game walks, game drives and walking safaris. Rangers will tell you many things about the bush on a tour. They will interpret all the sights and sounds and set the scene of all the things going on around you that you can’t see. Rangers are also good at imitating bird calls!

The very first ranger at Kruger National Park (known as Sabie Game Reserve at the time) was James Stevenson-Hamilton who started work in 1902.

If you’re interested in becoming a Kruger ranger, SANParks advertises positions on its website.

Rangers have a strong ethical and safety conscious approach that leaves visitors with good memories of their trip to the park.