Kruger National Park Accommodation – Safari Holiday Lodging For Everyone

Kruger National Park accommodation caters for all budgets and lifestyles. From camping to luxury lodges, stay in the park for an uninterrupted safari adventure.

Each rest camp (the place where your accommodation is) has a mix of the accommodation options listed in the table below.

It’s popular to use these accommodation types for a self-catering holiday, including camping, or mix and match your bed and breakfast options.

There are also 5 star luxury lodges to stay at. They’re privately owned game reserves, known as concessions, within Kruger National Park. You may only enter a luxury lodge area if you’re staying at the particular lodge.

Your holiday accommodation options within Kruger National Park are:

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If you’d like to know more about the differences in each type of accommodation, read our section on lodges. Different kinds of Kruger National Park accommodation suit different needs. See which type you think will suit you best.

In addition to the accommodation types listed above, you may also stay overnight at two hides, Sable and Shipandani. Hides are wildlife observation points and convert into very basic rustic accommodation. You’ll be up very close and personal to the night life staying in one of them!

If you’re staying in safari accommodation at Kruger Park, you do still need to pay the park entrance fees as well.

Kruger National Park accommodation - cottages

Accommodation types at each rest camp:

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Kruger National Park lodges are very popular. Make your reservation as soon as possible to ensure you get the accommodation you want. If you’re a pensioner, there are special discounted accommodation rates offered from time to time. Ask about them when you make your booking.

There are a variety of hotels near Kruger National Park too. These range from hostels to resorts in private game reserves which border the park.

If you stay outside the park, your safari experience may be disturbed by traffic and sights from the “outside world”.

Also, at night when you’re lying in bed, you may not be able to hear the lions calling each other and the hippos laughing in the river! These are things you can hear from within Kruger National Park.

We hope you find the perfect Kruger National Park accommodation to suit your desired safari experience 🙂