11 Fun Kruger National Park Safaris

Going on a Kruger National Park safari is an adventure! Traditionally, a safari is an overland journey across parts of Africa. Although this still holds true, to most people these days it means going into the bush to find and watch wild animals.

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Safaris are so popular now, that there are so many different types to try, each one aiming to give you a slightly different experience. There are safaris where you’ll rough it in the wild and at the opposite extreme, relaxing luxury Kruger National Park safaris to go on and get pampered!

Baby African elephant

GetYourGuide has several all-inclusive safaris on offer. This means that the safari usually includes pick up, guided game drives, accommodation and some meals, all in one package.

Each safari has ratings, reviews and photos. They are all a little different, such as the budget or number of days as well as the local towns or places they pick you up from.

The following types of fun Kruger National Park safaris are popular choices. No matter which style you’re most interested in, you’ll definitely see an amazing array of animals in the wild!

  1. Three to six day safaris
  2. Budget safaris
  3. Camping safaris
  4. Fly-in safaris
  5. Golf safaris
  6. Honeymoon packages
  7. Independent safaris
  8. Luxury safaris
  9. Self-drive safaris
  10. Walking safaris
  11. Wildlife safaris

Three to Six Day Safaris

Going on a three day Kruger National Park safari will give you a good overview of the game reserve, enough time to see a decent variety of wildlife and to enjoy a game drive or walk. Or stay a little longer on a four day safari. It’ll be quite similar to a three day safari, but you’ll have some extra opportunities to see more wildlife.


Going on a five or six day safari will give you ample time to see wildlife and to try out many of the extra activities that the park has to offer, such as morning or afternoon game walks or drives, night drives and bush braais (BBQs).

Budget Safaris

If you’re travelling on a budget, the cheapest way to stay in Kruger National Park is in your own tent or caravan. See which rest camps have camping facilities. Many of them do and camping’s a popular choice for a back-to-nature Kruger National Park safari.

You will however need your own transport to travel within the park, unless you’ve booked on a commercial tour which begins outside the park and will take you around.

Camping Safaris

Many of the Kruger National Park rest camps have camp sites where you can pitch your tent or park your caravan or campervan and enjoy a camping safari.


Not all camp sites have a power point though, so you’ll need to check this when you make a booking.

All campers have access to shared kitchens and shower and toilet blocks.

Fly-In Safaris

If you’re going to be staying at one of the luxury lodges for your Kruger National Park safari and you’re flying to a regional airport or to one of the few airstrips that operate in Kruger National Park, your accommodation can arrange to pick you up when you land.

On this type of fly-in safari, you won’t need a car to drive around the park because game drives run by your accommodation are always included in a luxury lodge package.

If you want a fly-in safari, mention it when you make your accommodation booking.

Alternatively, if you’re staying at a park rest camp, rather than at a luxury lodge, there’s a shuttle bus service that picks guests up at Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport and can take you to the game reserve. The airport is 1.5 hours’ drive from the park. If you want to use the shuttle, you’ll need to book it in advance.

Golf Safaris

Did you know that Kruger National Park has a golf course! It’s close to Skukuza Rest Camp and some people come to the park as day visitors just for a round.

The course has 9 holes and that’s the only thing about it that could be called average! What makes the course so electrifying, is that it’s unfenced and any animal could be on or near it. So, who’s up for an adrenalin pumping golf safari?

Honeymoon Packages

Are you getting married? Have you decided where you’re going to have your honeymoon?

A popular choice with locals and international newlyweds is a honeymoon package for Kruger National Park. They must be attracted to the idea of sipping champagne and watching the sun go down over the bush 🙂

For this very special time in your life, many couples opt for the luxury of a private reserve in or bordering the park. These packages are pricey though, so if you have a tighter budget, you can tailor make your own honeymoon by staying at any of the accommodation options at the Kruger Park rest camps.

Independent Safaris

If you’re staying outside Kruger National Park and need an independent tour operator to take you into the park, try Katambora Kruger Park Tented Safaris.

They can take you on overnight Kruger National Park safaris or short trips depending on what you’d like to do. They’ll customise their safari just for you!

Luxury Safaris

If you’re looking for a luxury getaway, stay at one of the privately owned concessions within Kruger National Park. They’re 5 star lodges where you’ll be spoilt with things like your own private chalet and plunge pool. You even get your own butler at some of them!

Zebra eating

Of course, you can expect fine dining and wines to match. Choose to relax even more with massages and spa treatments.

When you’re ready to see wildlife, go on a private game tour or just unwind on your own private game viewing deck.

Luxury lodges can even arrange to pick you up from nearby airports, so you won’t need to bother with directions or your own car!

Self-Drive Safaris

Most visitors to Kruger National Park drive their own car or hire car through the park. On a self-drive safari, you have the big advantage of planning your own route and taking as much time as you need to look at wildlife. Driving around the park is easy and the road conditions are good.

For something more adventurous than sticking to the regular roads, there are a range of 4×4 routes to choose from. These trails go through parts of the park which tourists with regular cars can’t access.

Walking Safaris

A Kruger walking safari is more than just a tour. It’s about being part of the park and not just watching it. Hear the incredible sounds and see the detail of the bushveld on these 4-day treks.

You’ll carry your own equipment on backpacking and wilderness trail walking safaris as you’re lead by a ranger into the wild! Stay overnight in camp sites that regular tourists don’t access. You need to be game for one of these 😉

Wildlife Safaris

Go on a wildlife safari and see the big 5 which were once the most sought after hunting trophies:

  • Buffalos
  • Elephants
  • Leopards
  • Lions
  • Rhinos

Don’t expect to see all of the big 5 on one single wildlife safari though, even if you’re on a big five safari. You’ll be very lucky if you do!

You’re almost guaranteed to see elephants and buffalos on a trip. You may see rhinos. Lions are quite lazy and often sleeping in long grass which makes them harder to see. Leopards are rarer. We spent 6 days in the park on one trip and only spotted a leopard 20 minutes before going home!

Even if you don’t get to see all of the big 5, you’re bound to run into equally interesting animals, like:

  • Antelope
  • Baboons
  • Giraffes
  • Warthogs
  • Zebras

Plus the bird life! There are over 500 species of birds of all shapes and sizes in Kruger National Park to discover.

Depending on which Kruger National Park safari grabs your attention, the experience could be exhilarating, adventurous or serene, but always inspiring and very memorable!