Kruger National Park Tours – A New Angle on your Safari

Don’t miss the Kruger National Park tours. Let expert guides take you on safari and discover the park as you’ve never seen or heard it before!

Kruger Park tours normally last between 3-4 hours. Make sure you take your camera and binoculars with you on any Kruger Park safari tour.

Kruger National Park morning walk

Armed professional park rangers will lead you. They’re armed as a safety precaution against wild animals, so don’t be alarmed to see their rifles!

Rangers are very informative people. Learn from them how to interpret the sights and sounds of the bush, on foot, at night or on a bike.

You can even try a helicopter tour of the park. These tours are run by independent operators though and not by Kruger National Park staff.

If you’re after information about tours or packages to the park in general, read our tours to Kruger National Park section.

Tours on Foot

Get out of the car. Feel the wind in your hair. Hear the sound of the jungle! Try a Kruger National Park game walking trail. You can choose between early morning and afternoon walks.

Driving Tours

See the creatures of the night. Game drives are the only way to see the park after nightfall. There are early morning, sunset and night drives to choose from. There’s also an evening game drive combined with a bush BBQ.

ImpalaYou never know what to expect on a game drive. Each one’s different. Sometimes you see lots. Sometimes not as much, but you’ll definitely enjoy the experience and the chance to see nocturnal animals after sunset.

Bike Tours

There’s only one place in Kruger National Park to do a bike safari. That place is Olifants (one of the main rest camps). If you’re a keen mountain biker, grab the chance to go on a half-day adventure cycle.

Budget Tours

Driving tours are the cheapest Kruger National Park safari tour option.

If you’re thinking about spending the extra money, let it be on one of these. If you’re travelling on a budget, it really is worth saving a bit to go on a guided Kruger tour.

Alternatively, doing your own self-drive budget tour is a cost effective way of seeing the game reserve!

Helicopter Tours

Jump on a helicopter tour, soar into the sky and see what Kruger National Park is like from a bird’s eye view. Imagine spotting animals from way above and seeing the panoramas unfold before you.

Discover the game reserve with new eyes on the Kruger National Park tours!