Kruger Park Private Game Reserves – Luxury Lodges in the Wild

When it comes to choosing between Kruger Park private game reserves, there are two main types on offer. One is the luxury concessions within Kruger National Park itself and the other is the private lodges which adjoin the park. Let’s explore each type…

Luxury Concessions

WildebeestKruger National Park concessions are pockets of land in the park granted to private organisations which run 5 star luxury safari lodges on them. They are the places to stay at if you’re celebrating a really special occasion or spoiling yourself on a well deserved break. They even offer special packages for couples getting married or going on honeymoon in the African savannah!

The Kruger Park private concessions run their own game drives and walks and cater for all your meals in luxury surroundings. Many of them can also arrange to pick you up from the airport if you’re on a fly-in safari.

The concessions are scattered all over the park, but there are more in the southern region. This is because this area is the most accessible to the majority of tourists.

If you’re in Kruger National Park and you wanted to see what a concession was like, unfortunately you won’t be able to without a booking.You can only go into a concession if you’re staying there. On the up side for visitors booked in, it means the concession won’t be crowded with tourists at morning tea and lunchtimes ;-).

So, if you’re thinking of staying at one, here are all the private concessions in Kruger National Park:

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Private Lodges

The other type of private game reserve to stay at are the private lodges outside Kruger National Park.

Even though they’re outside the park, many of them share a border with Kruger. In fact, some of them don’t even have a fence separating them. They just merge into one giant park and the animals wander between them. Sometimes this entire region is referred to as Greater Kruger National Park.

The private lodges are luxury lodges too and you can expect a similar experience at these to the private concessions. Here are some of the most popular ones:

The Kruger Park private lodges and concessions will certainly cost you a lot more than staying in the government run rest camps within Kruger National Park itself. If your safari is all about being pampered in luxury accommodation, go for a private game reserve. There are plenty of them to choose from!

In fact, there are also opportunities to buy real estate in Greater Kruger National Park. Imagine owning your own piece of property in a private game reserve! It would be yours to stay in whenever you fancied.