We’re hooked on Kruger National Park! Our family’s been there umpteen times and we keep going back for more!

Because we’ve always enjoyed our safaris to Kruger Park, we made this website as a guide and to share our experiences of game viewing, tours and accommodation plus tips that we’ve discovered from practical experience.

On top of this, all the photos you see on the website are our own, taken with a variety of cameras and lenses, from big to small.

If you’re planning a Kruger safari or want to know more about the game reserve, have a look around our website, beginning with…

What It’s All About

The park is the largest and oldest South African game reserve and a highly sought after safari destination. Just over 100 species of native wild animals roam the park and call it home.

Amongst them are the Big 5. Kruger Park is famous for being a place where you can see them, although it’s difficult to spot all of them in one safari:

  • BuffalosRhino, Kruger National Park
  • Elephants
  • Leopards
  • Lions
  • Rhinos

Where To Stay

There are accommodation options inside the park to suit all budgets and lifestyles:

  • Camping
  • Huts
  • Safari tents
  • Rondavels (round thatched huts)
  • Chalets
  • Luxury 5 star lodges

Well, Where Exactly Is It Then?

Impala lily, Kruger National ParkThe game park is in the top right corner of South Africa. South Africa is the country at the very bottom of Africa. The park straddles two provinces, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

In this part of Africa, we must warn you about some…


Malaria! The park is in a malaria area and this disease is a risk at any time of the year. See your doctor or pharmacist for malaria advice before going on a Kruger National Park safari.

Why We Love It

Kruger Park is a place you can go to and wonder at the variety of wildlife. The weather is also nice and warm ;-), but maybe a bit too humid in summer!

Kruger Park Game Reserve landscapeYou can see “the king of the jungle” and other great animals in their natural environment. Feel excited when you spot them. Watch the animals interact. Every sighting is different and rewarding. We treasure the experience.

So, let’s start off by getting into the nitty gritty details!

The most popular pages on our website, which you may also find useful are:

  1. Entry fees
  2. Attractions
  3. Game drives
  4. Animal checklist
  5. Facts

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