Kruger National Park Information – Key Facts for Visitors

Learn about important Kruger National Park information. If you’re a tourist to the park, we’ve put together some of the useful facts that you should know. They’ll help you plan your safari!

We’ve also got a quick fact sheet with information about Kruger National Park’s geography, animals and general details.


It’s very hot in summer – average daytime 34°C (93°F). Winter days are mild – average 26°C (79°F) and the nights are cold – average 8°C (46°F). Perfect for snuggling up 😉 See climate details by the month.

Entry Fees

Entry fees vary depending on whether or not you’re living in South Africa.  Children aged 12 and over pay the adult fee.  See details of the entry fees and the option of getting a Wild Card.

Opening Times

SunriseGates to enter the park open at 5:30am to 6:00am depending on the season. Gates close between 5:30pm and 6:30pm. Gates open earlier if you’re staying in a rest camp. Get a month by month breakdown of the hours here.

Park Map

Where is Kruger National Park? Get the big picture plus a location plan. Kruger National Park is in the top right corner of South Africa. The park is 350km (218 miles) from north to south and 80km (50 miles) across at its widest point.


A very useful piece of Kruger National Park travel information to know is the distances and time it takes to travel between rest camps and gates. This information will help you plan your trip. Have a look at our Kruger National Park distances table to see how far it is between all rest camps and gates.

Speed Limits

The speed limit on the tarred roads in Kruger National Park is 50km per hour. On the gravel roads, it’s only 40km per hour.

You may think these are very low limits, but when you’re earnestly looking for animals, you’d be lucky to go past 30km an hour. The park rangers check that you’re not speeding and can issue fines if you are!

For more Kruger National Park information of a less factual nature, try our Kruger National Park Travel Guide.