Kruger National Park Rest Camps – Discover their Comforts

Kruger National Park rest camps offer a range of comforts and facilities. Check our notes below and find the camp most suited to you.

Orpen Rest Camp cottageRest camps are little communities within Kruger National Park. They’re where you stay overnight and where you use facilities during the day.

There are electric game fences around rest camps. Sleep peacefully at night knowing that you won’t be eaten by stray lions! Some animals come close to the game fences. Don’t try to touch or feed them!

The biggest Kruger National Park rest camp is Skukuza and there are rustic rest camps with no electricity like Balule.

Baboons, monkeys, squirrels and small antelope like bushbuck are inside some fenced Kruger camps. Don’t feed them! They need to find their own food so they don’t get lazy and rely on people. Keep an eye out for agama and monitor lizards too.

When you’re cooking at a rest camp, don’t ever leave your food unattended. It won’t take long for a little monkey to get interested in your food. And make sure you put your rubbish in the baboon proof bins when you’ve finished cooking.

Many kitchens are outside on the verandah of your accommodation. Turn your fridge door into a corner so it can’t be opened by prying baboon fingers!

Bushbuck, Letaba Rest Camp

All Kruger National Park rest camps fall into one of these categories:

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Rest camps offer a range of accommodation and services.

Services available at each camp are:

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Gates to rest camps have variable opening hours depending on the season. They open between 4:30-6:00am and close between 5:30-6:30pm.

Anyone can visit the Kruger National Park rest camps (except the bush lodges) during the day.