Kruger National Park Orpen Gate – Quick Access to the Central Region

Even though Kruger National Park Orpen Gate is only about a third of the way up the park, it’s a convenient entry point for the central region and close to a number of rest camps.

Orpen Gate, Kruger National ParkIn fact, Orpen Gate is right on the doorstep of the very pleasant and peaceful Orpen Rest Camp. It’s a lovely place to stay at and very convenient if you’re arriving at the park later in the day.

As you approach Orpen Gate as you’re heading towards Kruger Park, you might have already seen some wildlife. This is because there are some private game reserves which adjoin the western side of Kruger National Park here and you drive along their boundaries.

When you arrive at Orpen gate, you’ll need to pay the Kruger Park entry fees.

You’ll know when you get to Orpen Gate. Each of the Kruger National Park gates have different designs and Orpen has some thatched huts surrounded by a forest of wooden poles. Pictures tell a lot more than words, so without further ado, here is a photo of Orpen Gate:

The Gate is 467km (290 miles) from Johannesburg. It takes 6 hours to travel this distance by car.

Orpen Gate is a good entrance gate for the following rest camps, all of which have accommodation to stay in:


The travelling times in this table are only approximate. They all depend on how much you stop to look at and what Kruger National park animals you have to stop for on the way!