Wild Kruger Dogs – Very Endangered Hunters

The Kruger dog is a predator, but there are only 400 left in the National Park.

Wild dogOfficially they’re called African wild dogs and less than 5,000 of them remain worldwide!

The chances of seeing a wild dog in Kruger National Park are small because they are so rare.

You just may see them in the south of the park near Skukuza Rest Camp as they tend to live in this area.

Consider yourself incredibly lucky if you do spot one!

As pack hunters, wild dogs need a lot of space. There are so few of them left because their natural habitat has been taken over by towns and farmland.

African wild dogs aren’t the most attractive animals in the world, but they’re interesting to watch.

They have distinctive round ears and are pack animals. If you see one, there are probably a number of others nearby. Maybe even some puppies.

The wild dog is a very good hunter. By hunting in packs, they catch 80-90% of their prey. Compare this to a lion, the king of the jungle, who only catches a third of its prey!

African wild dogMaybe you will see the dogs when they are hungry and ready for a hunt. It’s likely to be a long chase though. You may not be able to follow it all because the dogs encircle their target and approach it from different directions.

If you do come across this Kruger National Park predator, savour the moment and spend as much time as you can watching it. You don’t know when you’ll see one again.