Kruger Cam – Watch the Animals you’re Missing from Anywhere

A Kruger cam lets you watch animals coming and going from waterholes in the national park. It’s a good taster of what’s to come if you’re planning to visit the game reserve!

Or, if you’ve just had a great trip to the park and you’re missing the animal sightings, catch up with the wildlife on the webcam.

View of webcam from Orpen Rest CampThere are two wildcams in Kruger National Park. One is just outside Satara Rest Camp and monitors a water trough. We watched a big buffalo herd drinking from the trough via the live cam!

The second wildlife cam is near Orpen Rest Camp. You can watch animals like impala and vultures, or indeed any kind of wildlife, drink from a small dam there.

The photo above is the scene of the Orpen web camera. You can’t go up to it, but you can see it through the boundary fence of the rest camp. Look closely at the picture and you’ll see a dam behind the long grass, just before the trees.

It’s easy to get drawn into watching the webcams as the scenes change. It’s amazing what you can see! The pictures are updated every 15 seconds.

ImpalaThe video webcams are run by South African National Parks. If you visit their website, you’ll see the Satara and Orpen animal cams, but also one from Nossob Rest Camp in Kalahari National Park and one from Addo Elephant National Park.

If you do visit their webcam page, it’s not unusual for the live image to have a broadcast fault. There seem to be some technical limitations from time to time preventing the live feed. If this happens, try bookmarking the page and check back there again another time.

If you watch the live cams when it’s dark in Kruger National Park, you won’t see as much in the background (maybe some eyes shining at you). There’s some good lighting on the foreground though and you should be able to see quite clearly, such as some nocturnal animals or other animals just out for a night-time stroll.