Bird Watching – Add a New Dimension to your Safari

Try bird watching in Kruger National Park and add a new dimension to your safari. There are over 3 times more bird species in the game reserve than there are mammals. So, you’ll see birds without even trying 😉

They’re in the bush, at rest camps and at picnic spots scavenging for food.

They’re swimming in the lakes, wading in the dams and walking along the riverbanks.

Village weaverOne of the best places for watching birds though, is at a bird hide. Kruger National Park has set up these special observation platforms overlooking rivers, lakes and dams.

So what makes bird hides so good for watching birds? The observation platforms let you see birds without them seeing you! Birds will come and go as they please and won’t be frightened away by people coming to watch them.

The hides all overlook places where the bird life as well as other animals come to drink. Sit for hours and watch the birds until your heart’s content. The bird hides are:

If you’re really keen and don’t mind having a very rustic night, you can stay overnight in two of the bird hides, Sable Hide and Shipandani Hide.

Staying there will let you watch the sun set and rise and the animals that come and go with it. You’ll also hear the sounds of the night really close by!

Pied kingfisher The overnight bird hides have limited amenities and no electricity. You’ll get a mattress, but you might have to bring your own bedding as well as cooking utensils, cutlery and plates. There is a BBQ grid, but you’ll have to bring all your own firewood, matches, food and water. You must be prepared for it!

If you’re going birding in Kruger National Park, make sure you have binoculars with you. They’ll help you see the fine details of a bird so you can identify it. Check what you’ve seen in a bird guide then mark the bird off your bird checklist.

And don’t forget your camera! There are plenty of bird watching chances in Kruger National Park which make for great bird photos.