Sirheni Bushveld Camp – Overlooking the Mphongolo River

Sirheni Bushveld Camp is in the northern region of Kruger National Park. The closest gate is Punda Maria, 54km (34 miles) away.

The rest camp is in mopani (a type of native tree with butterfly-shaped leaves) scrubland and next to a dam on the Mphongolo River.

You’re in for a treat at this bushveld camp. Because the dam is right beside it, it’s a good opportunity to watch for water birds and animals coming to drink there. Furthermore, there’s not one, but two bird hides overlooking it.

There’s also a leopard that lives in the area and it often comes to the dam. If you haven’t yet seen one of these elusive big cats in Kruger National Park, here’s a chance to do so. Best of luck!

GiraffeIf you’re inspired to stay at this bushveld camp, the type of accommodation there is cottages. As the camp is small, there are no shops to buy food at. The cottages are therefore equipped for self-catering.

In very wet weather, the bridge to get to the rest camp may be flooded. If this is the case, Kruger National Park will offer assistance and alternative accommodation. Thankfully, this isn’t the sort of thing that happens often!

Looking for an activity during your stay? Night game drives are on offer from the camp. They’re led by Kruger Park rangers and last a couple of hours.

Night drives are great ways to see nocturnal animals and to observe different behaviour in animals that are also active during the day, such as hippos. Did you know they go walking about the bush at night!

One extra thing to note about the camp – because it’s a bushveld camp, you can only go into it if you’re staying the night there. Those wonderful bird hides overlooking the river will be even more special as they’re just for residents!