Shimuwini Bushveld Camp – Base for the Lonely Bull Backpacking Trail

Shimuwini Bushveld Camp is set on the Letaba River amongst the intriguing baobab trees, with their thick water storing trunks and branches looking like aerial roots.

The rest camp is in the central region and is the closest camp to Phalaborwa Gate, 50km (31 miles) away. This distance could take you two hours or more to drive though, depending on how carefully you scan the bush for wildlife and how much time you spend watching it!

The bushveld camp won’t be for everyone, because this type of camp only has cottage accommodation. Therefore, if you’d planned on camping in Kruger National Park, you’d need to choose a different rest camp.

GiraffeYou also need to be prepared to self-cater as there are no cafes or restaurants on site. There’s also no general store selling food, so you need to have all that with you too.

There are some relatively close main rest camps, Mopani and Letaba, which sell previsions at their shops. You may have to stock up there.

The other point to note about bushveld camps is that only people staying the night at them are allowed there. So, the only way to find out what the camp is truly like, is to make a reservation!

Cottages always come with kitchens, so you’ll be able to use that to prepare your meal. Every type of accommodation also has its own BBQ spot. Take advantage of it on a nice evening (of which there are many!).

Start your nice evening off though with a visit to the bird hide overlooking the Letaba River. Spend some time there while the sun goes down looking for avian life and animals coming down to the river to drink or swim.

If you’re interested in further activities, there are sunset and night game drives which run from the camp, as well as early morning game walks.

For the ultimate game walk, the Lonely Bull Backpacking Trail departs from the rest camp and goes along the Letaba River. The trail goes for 4 nights and you need to carry all your own camping gear and provisions. It’s quite an adventure!