Phalaborwa Gate – The Halfway Point

Phalaborwa Gate is a good access point to Kruger National Park. It’ll take you to the heart of the central region, being about halfway up the park, and to convenient routes further north.

It’s also the starting point for the Malopeni 4×4 Eco-Trail and park and ride game drives and the historical Iron Age Masorini site is close to it.

The gate is 498km (309 miles) from Johannesburg and just 2km (1.2 miles) from the town of Phalaborwa.

If you’re catching a plane to Phalaborwa’s Kruger Park Gateway Airport, the distance between it and the park gate is only a stone’s throw away at 3km (1.9 miles).

Once you’re at the gate, you’ll need to pay the Kruger Park entrance fee.

Phalaborwa GateIf you need some refreshments, there’s a little souvenir and coffee shop in a round thatched hut just before the gate.

The closest main rest camp to the gate it Letaba, 51km (32 miles) away to the east.

If you’re looking for hotels or other types of accommodation near the gate, but outside Kruger National Park, there’s a decent enough selection in and around the town of Phalaborwa.

Malopeni Eco-Trail

This 4×4 route starts at the gate. It’s an overnight trail which heads north-east of the gate and follows the Letaba River.

The adventure trail is self-drive, but you’ll need to follow the ranger’s vehicle.

Game Drives

Park and Ride game drives leave from the gate. They run in the morning and afternoon. They’re a good option for a taste of Kruger National Park if you want to try a tour by a Kruger Park ranger.

Masorini Iron Age Site

This archaeological site is 12km (7.5 miles) from the gate as you head towards Letaba Rest Camp.

The Ba-Phalaborwa people lived there during the 1800s. The site is famous for the iron mining and smelting industry the people developed. Some of the site has been reconstructed at the museum there.

There are lots of interesting options available from this gate!