Olifants Rest Camp – High above the River

Olifants is one of the main rest camps in Kruger National Park. It sits on a hill high above the banks of a wide meandering river of the same name and is about half way up Kruger National Park.

CrocodileWhen you’re at the rest camp, take in the wonderful view over the river. You’re bound to see animals passing by like elephants, hippos and, with a bit of help from binoculars, Nile crocodiles.

If you’re planning to stay at the camp, you can choose between bungalows or guest houses only for your accommodation. There are no camp sites, unlike at many of the other rest camps.

At the rest camp you can use facilities like the:

  • General store
  • Laundry
  • Petrol station
  • Post box
  • Restaurant

There’s also a picnic area for day visitors behind the rest camp reception. You can hire portable gas BBQs, called skottel braais, there and make a tasty lunch. Egg, bacon and onion is always nice 🙂

Nearby Park Gates

The closest entrance gate to the rest camp is Phalaborwa. If you’re going to Kruger National Park from the Limpopo National Park in Mozambique, the closest gate is Giriyondo.

Here are the distances and travelling times to the rest camp from gates in the vicinity:

Things to Do

The rest camp is the only place in Kruger National Park where you can go on a bike safari. If you enjoy cycling and decide to go on the half-day tour, you’ll have amazing stories to tell!

If you’re interested in activities other than cycling, choose between:

Each of these activities adds its own flavour to your safari!

For the ultimate adventure, go on either the 4-day wilderness trail or the river backpacking trail.

The latter is also a 4-day trek where you have to carry your own tent and food with you. If you can manage that, bear in mind that the camp sites don’t have fences around them! You won’t know what’s lurking in the dark!