Kruger Wildlife Safaris – Animals Abound

On Kruger wildlife safaris, there’s one thing you’re guaranteed of – to see an amazing array of animals! After all, that’s why the park is so popular and famous.

There are over 100 types of animals to see, from little mice and mongooses right up to magnificent elephants.

Large grazing animals like elephants, wildebeest and zebras are amongst the easiest to spot. You’re bound to see impalas too. They’re the most common animal in the park and there are over 130,000 of them!

Predators are more elusive because they don’t want to be seen. You’ll need very keen eyes or luck on your side to spot a lion or a leopard.

On top of this, there are more than 500 types of birds and some visitors to the park go especially for bird watching safaris. Some birds are beautifully coloured, like the woodland kingfisher. Contrast this with ugly vultures which you could see sitting up in trees or catching thermals in the air.

Woodland kingfishersThere are also several varieties of reptiles, form lizards to snakes and crocodiles. Make sure you take a torch with you if you’re staying overnight in the park. Use it to keep a lookout for small reptiles in the rest camp area when it’s dark. You don’t want to stand on an unsuspecting snake!

Some people ask where the best place is to see animals in Kruger National Park. The answer is anywhere! You just have to be in the right place at the right time. Make use of the animal sightings boards too. They give you an indication of where other people have spotted sought after animals.

If you’re keen to identify all the animals you see, various field guides can help and are available from Kruger National Park rest camps and book shops in South Africa.

Take binoculars on your safari if you can. They’ll help you see the detail of animals in the distance. Use them to determine whether that hippo-shaped rock floating in the river is in fact a hippo! Don’t forget your camera either. There are great photos to be taken.

This is just a taste of what you’ll experience on your Kruger National Park wildlife safari. You’re in for a wonderful adventure.