Kruger Wilderness Trails – 4 Day Backpacking Treks

Love hiking and the bush? Then the Kruger wilderness trails are an option for you if you want to combine trekking with the thrill of being in a wild African animal park. Take the chance to carry your own gear and wend your way along one of seven trails in Kruger National Park.

Napi Trail signThis page covers the details of each of the Kruger National Park wilderness trails. If you’re looking for details about the shorter 3-4 hour guided walks, read our game walking trails page.

If you want to know about the backpacking trails, which are like the Kruger wilderness trails, only you carry all your gear, including camping kit, see our walking safari page.

Each of the wilderness trails go for 4 days and 3 nights and you’ll stay each night in huts or tents, especially for your hiking group and no others. You will have access to toilets and showers and on top of being able to clean up nicely after a hot day’s march, all your food is cooked for you. What luxury!

A typical day in the Kruger wilderness begins with a very early morning wake up and walk, a rest during the middle of the day and then more walking later in the afternoon.

The following table outlines the rest camp that each trail leaves from, common animals seen in the area and what the terrain in the region is like.

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*As well as mammals, you should also see and hear a fantastic array of bird life.

On each trail, 2 rangers will guide and accompany you. They’ll tell you all about the things that you’re seeing and hearing in the bush as well as keep you going in the right direction. Other than the 2 rangers, there’ll be between 4 and 8 trekkers.

In order to go on a wilderness trail, you need to be at least 12 years old. If you’re over 65, you need a doctor’s certificate declaring your fitness for such a hike, as you’ll be walking up to 20km a day, sometimes in very hot and humid conditions.

Bedding and food is provided on the trail.  You’ll have to carry your own clothes and any incidentals like a torch and camera of course! You might also want to take some of your own snacks. If you do, remember you have to carry them yourself for the whole 4 day adventure!