Kruger Walking Safaris – Adventure into Unknown Territory

A Kruger walking safari is an unforgettable journey. Experience Kruger National Park as you never have before on a hiking trail through the game reserve.

BuffaloKruger Park walking safaris all last for 4 days and 3 nights. We talk about these walks on this page. If you’re after information about the shorter tours which normally last between 3-4 hours, read our game walking trails page.

On a walking safari, escape to the savannah and experience the bush as an explorer would’ve 100 years ago. No roads. No cars. Heighten your senses and trek amongst the wild animals!

You probably won’t see any people on your journey other than those in your Kruger National Park safari group. Just you and your mates hiking along.

When you’re on a walking safari trail, expect to get up very early at the crack of dawn, walk, have a rest during the hottest part of the day, then carry on later in the afternoon.

If you’re interested in going on a walking safari Kruger National Park has two types on offer:

Wilderness Trails

Carry your own clothes and essentials like malaria pills on wilderness trails. Stay in huts or tents which are provided for you in a fenced camp with toilets and showers. These camps are not accessible to the general public. Food is cooked for you.

Backpacking Trails

Carry all your own camping and cooking equipment, food and clothes. You must cook your own food and carry all your rubbish with you.

Saddle-billed storkThe trail game ranger chooses the camp site each night, anywhere in the bush. You have to be able to set up your own tent and you must sleep inside it every night for safety. There are no fences around the camps nor any showers or toilets – you just go in the bush. That could be a bit scary!

There are three types of backpacking trails on offer:

Lonely Bull Backpacking Trail

The trail starts at Shimuwini Rest Camp and follows the course of the Letaba River, then returns to Shimuwini. The trail runs between February and October each year.

Mphongolo Backpacking Trail

This trail starts at Shingwedzi Rest Camp and goes between the Shingwedzi and Mphongolo Rivers. The trail runs for most of the year except for December and January.

Olifants River Backpacking Trail

The trail leaves from Olifants Rest Camp. We recommend staying at this rest camp for the night you return as you’ll be taken back here at the end of the hike.

To go on a Kruger walking safari you must be at least 12 years old. If you’re older than 65, you’ll need a doctor’s certificate stating that you’re in good health and fit for these kind of Kruger National Park hikes. You could walk up to 20km in each day of the walking safari.

On each walking safari, there are between 4 and 8 hikers plus 2 Kruger Park rangers. This is a nice small group to make good friends and lasting memories with!

If you decide to go on a Kruger walking safari, you’ll doubtless come back with some amazing stories!