Kruger Products – Never Forget Your Safari

Kruger products are a great way to take home memories from your safari. All the main rest camps in Kruger National Park have general stores that sell a lovely range of souvenirs for all tastes to remember your trip by.

The shops at the bigger rest camps have a wider selection of merchandise to choose from, with Skukuza having the biggest of all. The curios are generally of decent quality.

Great Gift Ideas

Coffee table books of the big five or the park make great gifts and take-home souvenirs that you can use to show your friends the different animals found in the park.

There’s a range of guinea fowl tableware, like platters and bowls, decorated with bright, natural, typically African colours with lovely spottedĀ guinea fowl feature accents.

Guinea fowl platter

Although they don’t belong to a series, you can also buy wooden salad servers with guinea fowls carved into the ends of the handles.

Continuing with the tableware theme, Wedgwood has a series of Kruger National Park fine bone china. It’s possible to get reproduction pieces from this series, but the originals are collectors’ items.

African-themed copper jewellery is attractive and more subtle than some of the other strongly branded curios. We personally find the more subtle products end up being used more and make better gifts, particularly when the person you’re buying the gift for hasn’t been to the game reserve.

African-themed linens, such as place mats and serviettes, with colourful or nature-inspired patterns make great gifts.

Kruger National Park branded t-shirts and other clothing is available in the bigger rest camps.

Kruger National Park Guide and Map bookTo make the most of your trip to Kruger you’ll need to get a map. The map is itself a good souvenir of Kruger National Park as you can show and tell your friends where you went. A good Kruger guide book should also contain a detailed map along with a whole host of other useful information.

If you need to ship your souvenir overseas, the souvenir stores can arrange that too. Large wooden giraffes are very popular items that a lot of tourists buy. They do take up quite a bit of room in a car though and make for ideal items to be shipped internationally, rather than carted around for the rest of your South African holiday!

Whatever Kruger products you decide to buy, they’ll be an everlasting reminder of your safari.