Kruger Park 4×4 Route – A Driving Adventure for Nature Lovers

Take part in a Kruger Park 4×4 route. From day trips to five day treks, travel overland on paths open only for these activities.

There are four 4×4 routes to choose from:

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Each Kruger Park 4×4 route goes to an area of the park which isn’t open to regular visitors. The routes give you a view of the different landscapes in Kruger National Park and the varying flora and wildlife that live there.

All the trails have guides, except for the Mananga Adventure Trail. Guides drive their own vehicles and will tell you about the different animals, plants and ecosystems as you pass them.

The trails that last more than a day stop overnight at unfenced camp sites that regular visitors can’t stay at. Be prepared to take all your own self-catering and camping equipment to use at the camp sites, including:

  • Cooking utensils
  • Crockery
  • Cutlery
  • Firewood
  • Food
  • Matches
  • Washing up gear
  • Water

You also have to take all your rubbish away with you so the park is left clean and beautiful :-).

Most of the Kruger Park 4×4 routes aren’t very difficult, but to go on them, you must self-drive your own high clearance four wheel drive.

There’s also a limit to the number of vehicles on each 4×4 drive. At most there are only 6 other vehicles in the convoy. The park has these rules in order to minimise damage to the environment.

4×4 Adventure Trail

There is currently one type of adventure trail, the Mananga Adventure Trail. This trail is on a gravel track and is closed after rain until it is completely dry. There is a limit of 6 vehicles per day.

This adventure trail is completely self-drive. You won’t have a guide leading you! If you have a GPS, it’s a good idea to take it with you, just in case!

 Mananga Adventure Trail

The trail leaves from Satara Rest Camp, in central Kruger National Park, and goes through knobthorn and marula savannah. People often see buffalos, cheetahs, wildebeest and zebras in this area.

Malopeni Eco-Trail

The Malopeni Eco-Trail is a one night trail. It starts at Phalaborwa Gate in the early afternoon. The trail heads towards the area north-east of the gate and up to the Letaba River. In heavy rain, this Kruger Park 4×4 route might be changed or even closed altogether.

The overnight stop is at an unfenced camp site near Black Heron Dam.

The next day you’ll return to Phalaborwa Gate. Buffalos, elephants, hippos, impala, kudus and waterbuck are often seen in the area.

There’s only place for 5 vehicles on this Kruger Park 4×4 route. Also, children must be 12 or older to go on the trail unless you arrange otherwise with management when you book.

Lebombo Eco-Trail

The Lebombo Eco-Trail goes all the way along the Lebombo Hills on the eastern border of Kruger National Park. It starts off at Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp each Sunday morning and ends at Pafuri Picnic Site the next Thursday. The trail might be completely closed after heavy rain though.

You’ll get to stop at three different rest camps along this Kruger Park 4×4 route so you can get rid of your rubbish, refuel, buy food and even have a shower!

The trail is 500km (310 miles) long and only children 12 and older can go on it.

Mafunyane Eco-Trail

The Mafunyane Eco-Trail leaves every Sunday from March to November and goes through the north-western section of Kruger National Park.

The trail starts at Phalaborwa Gate and ends at Punda Maria Rest Camp. En route, you’ll stay at the Malopeni, Mafunyane and Shidzivane overnight sites and then finally at Punda Maria.

If you’re interested in going on the Mafunyane Eco-Trail, be aware that only 4 people are allowed in each vehicle.  Children under 12 can only go on the trail by prior arrangement.

If you’re passionate about four wheel driving and adventure activities, a Kruger Park 4×4 route will be an amazing tour!