Kruger National Park Weather Climate and Forecast, South Africa

Hot summer, mild winter days and cold nights sum up the Kruger National Park weather.


Looking for the Kruger weather forecast? Here it is from BBC Weather. If you click on this link you’ll see the forecast for Skukuza, which is the biggest rest camp in Kruger National Park.

Average Temperature

Look at the graphs below to see the average monthly temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit. We also have a chart showing the number of rainy days and hours of sunshine.

Escape the summer heat and humidity by cooling off in a rest camp pool (all pools are reserved for visitors staying overnight at the particular rest camp, except for the pool at Skukuza. If you’re a day visitor there, go for a dip!).

Keep the same daily routine as the animals (like the napping rhino in the picture below). Get up early when it’s cooler, take a midday nap in the heat of the day, then go out again in the afternoon. The Kruger National Park gate times suit this routine!

Kruger National Park weather, celsius temperatures

Napping rhino

If you’re camping in winter, cosy up around your braai (South African word for BBQ) fire. And don’t forget your hot water bottle and beanie!

Kruger National Park weather, fahrenheit temperatues


The Kruger National Park climate is summer rainfall, dry winters and plenty of sunshine all year round. Expect an occasional evening thunder and lightning show in summer.

Kruger National Park climate

If you’re travelling on the dirt roads in Kruger National Park and there is downpour of rain, which is often the case in summer, be aware that these roads can turn very muddy. It might take you longer to get to your destination, so be prepared to allow for more travelling time.

Rain, hail or shine, visit the park any time 😉