Kruger National Park Sightings – The Latest Animals Spotted

Check out the Kruger National Park sightings boards to find out what wildlife has most recently been seen – by other tourists on safari!

Kruger National Park sightings boardThe boards are magnetic and each one shows two maps of Kruger National Park. One of the maps is labelled “Today” and the other “Yesterday”.

There are magnets on the boards which represent some of the most well-known animals in the park, these being:

If you’ve seen one of these animals, you can put a magnet on the map to mark where you saw it.

Not every park visitor is going to mark the animals they saw, so although the maps are representative of what you could see, when it comes to wildlife spotting, there are no guarantees!

If you look at the sightings board, you may see an animal marked there that you haven’t found yet, like an elusive leopard or a lazy lion!

If one was seen nearby, you could try and look for it. If you’re lucky enough to find it, you might be able to tick another thing off your Kruger National Park animal checklist! You could even keep a note on your own Kruger National Park map of where you saw what animal.

You can find the Kruger Park sighting boards at rest camps, picnic spots and at the park gates.

When you enter Kruger National Park, it’s good to look at an animal sighting board. It really gets you in the safari mood, knowing that regular people like you and me have spotted such a good variety of Kruger National Park wildlife!

If you want to see live pictures of the type of animals that you could see in the Kruger National Park, there are webcams set up at Orpen and Satara Rest Camps. The webcams bring you images every 30 seconds of watering holes and any animals that happen to be there.