Kruger National Park Map, Location and Plan

Are you looking for a Kruger National Park map or need to find out where the game reserve is?

On this page we’ll show you where in South Africa the park is, followed by a map of the park itself and then some things to consider if you’re thinking about getting your own Kruger Park map.

So, where is Kruger National Park, you ask? It’s in the top right corner of South Africa, the southern most country in Africa, and borders parts of Mozambique and Zimbabwe. The park lies within two provinces, Mpumalanga and Limpopo.

On the following South African map, the area of the park is shown in green.

Where is Kruger National Park, South African mapNelspruit is the closest regional centre to Kruger National Park, 62km (38 miles) west of Malelane Gate. This is the closest entrance gate for many visitors because it’s in the south-west corner – the direction that most travellers come from.

If you’re an international visitor to the game reserve and it’s the first stop on your trip, there’s a good chance that you’ll be going to the park from Johannesburg. The city’s 406km (252 miles) to the west of the park.

Distances to Malelane Gate from Cities

The following map shows the gates into the park, the major roads and rest camps. The game park also has an extensive network of gravel roads. You’ll find these roads on detailed Kruger Park maps sold in rest camp shops or in thorough road atlases.

The park is 350km (218 miles) long and up to 80km (50 miles) wide. It’s big and when you travel at an average of 25km (15 miles) per hour, be careful not to plan too big a route for one day!

Kruger National Park Map

If you need to buy your own Kruger Park map (rather than downloading and printing the one on this page for free), you’ll find high level Kruger maps within the pages of South African road atlases.

The general stores in Kruger National Park sell much more detailed maps, some of which are part of Kruger guide books. If you hold out on buying your map until you get to the park, these Kruger guide books make for nice little souvenirs too.

Don’t want to carry any map with you at all? Then no need to worry if you’re staying on the main roads. There are maps and location plans at all of the rest camps, picnic spots and entrance gates around the park. On top of this, the general road signs within the park are very easy to follow.

If you’re planning to use the gravel roads extensively, then we recommend getting a map which shows them so you can be sure of your bearings.