Kruger National Park Images – Our Wildlife Photo Gallery

Welcome to our Kruger National Park images page! We’ve collated all our animal photos and put them into four different galleries:

All the photos you see are our very own photos, taken on various safaris to Kruger National Park throughout the years.

We’ve only included Kruger National Park images that clearly show what an animal looks like. We also only have pictures up for wildlife that we’ve positively identified, that is, we’re certain of the species of animal we saw. It’s easier to be sure of the mammals you see (except for small rodents and bats!) than the vast variety of little brown birds that all look the same.

Mammal gallery

Baby mammal gallery

Bird gallery

Reptile gallery


Have you been inspired by our Kruger National Park image gallery?  We’ve put together some tips for taking wildlife photos, which you may find useful for your safari!