Kruger National Park Guide Book – Aspects to Think About

There are plenty of Kruger National Park guide book publications on the market, but what do you need to consider when buying one?

We’ve put together notes on some of the useful information that should be in a Kruger guide book.


Having a map in your guide book for Kruger is a must! If you’re doing a self-drive safari, you’ll need a map to plan how to get to Kruger National Park, where to find the entrance gates and the routes to the various rest camps within the park. It should also show other features such as picnic sites and rivers, lakes and dams.

It’s important to know where these waterways are, because they’re good places to watch for animal and bird life. You’ll come across water loving creatures at them or wildlife coming for a drink.

Impala at damKruger Park has two types of roads in it – sealed and gravel roads. A map should show both kinds of roads along with their names. In very wet weather, you may have to drive on the sealed roads only, so it’s good to know what you’re options are by planning well with a map.

Rest Camps

Rest camps are the places that you stay at overnight in the park or may pass through during the day. They have varying facilities depending on the size of the camp.

Kruger National Park books should give you a summary of what’s available at each camp in terms of types of accommodation and services, such as:

  • General stores
  • Petrol stations
  • Picnic areas for day visitors
  • Restaurants


The most common animals and birds found in Kruger National Park should be listed in a guide book. There should also be a photo of the animal or bird so when you spot something you’ll be able to identify it.

Vervet monkeyKeep in mind though, that the wildlife in the book probably isn’t the full list of every single creature in the game reserve. You could easily see something while you travel round the park that isn’t pictured in the book.

This is especially true with birds, as there are over 500 species in the park and you’ll need a dedicated bird book to see pictures of all of them!

All the varieties of smaller mammals may not be featured either as there are many types of those too, such as mice and bats. Plus, they can be difficult to identify without getting a good look at them. It’s hard to see properly when a mouse quickly dives into the bushes on the side of the road!

Guided Safari

A guide book should give you tips on animal spotting as well as handy hints for taking wildlife photos.

It should also list the various ranger-lead game drive and game walk options that run from rest camps.

If you’re keen to get a Kruger Park guide book, you’ll be able to find one in online stores, book shops in South Africa and especially in Kruger Park shops.