Kruger National Park Gates – Entry to the Game Reserve

There are 11 Kruger National Park gates. To get to the game reserve, you must enter through one of them.

Most of the gates are in the south-west of the park because this is the direction that most people are travelling from to get to the game reserve.

Orpen Gate

Do you know which is the best entrance for the camp you’re visiting? Look at the map just below. All the park gates and rest camps are marked on it.

The park is 350km (218 miles) in length and up to 80km (50 miles) at the widest point.

Kruger National Park map

If you know which rest camp you’re visiting first, see which gate is closest or the best way in for the route you plan to take:

You must pay the game reserve entrance fee at the gates, unless you have a Wild Card. The gates open at variable times depending on the season.

If you enter via the Giriyondo and Pafuri Border gates, you will have come from the Limpopo National Park in Mozambique which adjoins Kruger National Park. Of course, you’ll need your passport to get through either of these two gates!

Each of the gates has its own design, some of them quite distinct. Here is the Orpen Gate:

If you’re looking for accommodation near one of the Kruger National Park gates, there’s plenty to choose from for all budgets, many of which are just a stone’s throw away from one of the gates – from hostels to B&Bs and hotels to luxury resorts – you’re spoilt for choice.