Kruger National Park Camping Safari – Sleep Close to the Animals

Are you a keen camper? Then consider a Kruger National Park camping safari if you’re looking for a different kind of camping experience. If you do, you’ll have the opportunity to pitch your tent in the wilds of the world famous Kruger National Park. Any kind of animal might just walk past your tent at night!

Backpacking Trails

If you want to jump right in the deep end, go on a backpacking trail. You’ll get to camp out in the open without any protection from fences.

The Kruger Park rangers with you on the trail will keep watch at night. In the morning, you’ll know if any wildlife has passed close in the night by any footprints they leave behind.

Cat footprintsOn top of this, you’ll surely hear animals at night calling each other. You’ll never forget an experience like that!

You may also get to camp in tents (the other possibility is in huts) on a wilderness trail. The difference between these and backpacking trails is that the tents will be set up for you and you don’t have to carry your own one.

4×4 Trails

Another opportunity to camp without fences is on the 4×4 trails. The overnight camping on these trails has a similar set up to the backpacking trails, in that you’ll be watched by rangers at night and only rangers!

If you try this kind of camping, we’re sure you’ll appreciate what it must have been like for explorers in days gone by, when any sort of wild animals could be wandering nearby.

Camping at Rest Camps

For camping with a little less adrenalin or if you have children under 12, as generally they aren’t allowed on the backpacking or 4×4 trails, there are several rest camps that have camp sites:

Kruger National Park camping safari

Each camp site has its own braai stand (BBQ plate). Some camp sites have power points, while others don’t. If you need to stock up on food supplies, the main rest camps sell a selection of basic groceries.

Camping in a rest camp is also your best option if you’re on a budget.

Remember to pack all your camping gear with you when you go on your safari. If you arrive at the park without all of your gear, you’re going to be in a spot of trouble.

Although the Kruger National Park shops at various rest camps sell some limited camping supplies, it’s unlikely that they’ll have what you’re missing. Always be prepared with everything you need for a Kruger Park camping safari.