Jewellery – Ornamental Souvenirs

Buying jewellery as a souvenir from Kruger National Park makes for a beautiful way to remember your safari.

This type of ornamental, and in most cases practical, purchase is light and easy to pack in your bag for the return journey home on the plane.

Once you’ve bought your trinket, wear it out to friends’ places or functions. It could be a great conversation starter as you recall your adventure to the wildlife reserve.

The types of goods that you might find to buy in Kruger National Park, which all have an African flavour, are:

  • Copper and bronze necklaceBangles
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces
  • Rings

These items may be made from beadwork, metalwork, such as copper, leather and feathers.

If you’re travelling back overseas, do think about what types of materials can be brought into the country. Some nations have strict customs laws and at the very least, you’ll need to declare articles made from natural products, like wood and feathers.

Where to Buy your Piece

You can see the selection of trinkets and get them at the general stores in Kruger National Park. These stores are at all of the main camps in the reserve and the smaller camps may sell a selection as well.

Some shops have more variety on display than others. The bigger the camp, the bigger the souvenir shop. As Skukuza Rest Camp is the largest camp of all, it has the biggest curio shop to browse through.

If you’re staying at one of the private reserves in the wildlife park or even in Greater Kruger National Park, they’re each bound to have their own souvenir shop, so you certainly won’t miss out on buying an ornamental piece there.

You might be thinking of getting an adornment for yourself as a treat or because you’ve seen something in the Kruger Park shop that’s really taken your fancy.

Otherwise, you could be looking for a present for a friend or relative as a travel souvenir or as a unique and exotic birthday or Christmas present.

If you went to Kruger National Park, didn’t buy any trinkets there and you’ve now changed your mind, it’s not too late to get something. You may find the special treasure you’ve been looking for at an online store.