Helicopter Tours – An Inspirational Perspective

Helicopter tours will certainly give you a new angle from which to appreciate the natural beauty of Kruger National Park and surrounding areas. Imagine taking off and gliding through the air like a great eagle as you eye the landscape and keenly watch for signs of wildlife far below.

Going on a helicopter flip is a smooth ride and will take your breath away. Get ready for the adrenalin to start pumping through your body as you look down to find animals beneath you.

It would be spectacular seeing a large group of animals from the sky.Imagine a herd of buffalo fording a river, elephants gathered round a watering hole or even a herd of impala grazing in the savannah.

These are the kind of things you could expect to see on a helicopter trip. Also expect your helicopter trip not to fly over Kruger National Park itself, but only to its boundaries. (We’re yet to find a tour operator who does actually fly into the park.) From those boundaries though, you will see far into the park.

Some tour operators fly over greater Kruger National Park, that is, private game reserves adjoining Kruger National Park, such as Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve. Many of the private game reserves have no fences between them and Kruger Park proper so you have the chance of seeing the same animals over them as you might see over Kruger National Park itself.

Some tour operators combine a helicopter flight in the Kruger area and then follow on with a safari drive into Kruger National Park itself. Many helicopter flights leave from Hazyview and return there.

In case you’re wondering what it’s like to take off and land in a helicopter, it’s extremely smooth. If you’ve ever been on an aeroplane, it’s take off and landing is about a hundred times rougher!