Giriyondo Gate – Passage to and from Mozambique

Giriyondo is one of only two gateways with direct access between Kruger National Park in South Africa and Limpopo National Park in Mozambique. The only other gate like this is Pafuri Border Gate at the far north of both the parks.

BuffaloThe gate is about two thirds of the way up Kruger National Park and near the southern end of Limpopo National Park. In Portuguese, the language spoken in Mozambique, this park is called Parque Nacional do Limpopo.

There’s a cluster of accommodation in Kruger National Park close to the gate ranging from 44km (27 miles) to 60km (37 miles) away. This accommodation is at the following rest camps:

Of the these camps, only Letaba and Mopani are main rest camps offering all park services. The other camps are a lot smaller and have only guest houses, cottages or camp sites for tenting and caravanning.

There is also a handful of rest camps in Limpopo National Park of similar distances from the gate.

There are a lot more rest camps further afield, but you’ll need to plan your journey accordingly to make sure you have enough time to get to the camp you want to. The Kruger Park map will help you plan your stops.

Border Crossing

As the gate is at the border post between South Africa and Mozambique and you intend to pass from one country to the other, there’s quite a bit of paperwork to show. You’ll need to have your passport with you and any applicable visa.

When you cross the border you need to pay the park entry fee for the park you’re going into. You also have to prove ownership of your vehicle and anything it’s towing, by showing their papers.

You must also carry two red safety triangles and if you’re towing something, affix a blue and yellow triangle to the front of your car and the back of the trailer.

You may also need to prove motor vehicle insurance.

If your vehicle is a rental or leased car you have to provide a letter from the rental or finance company which says you can take the car to a foreign country.

In addition, to pass through the border gate, you must be staying or have stayed at least one night in either of the parks. You’ll need to show proof of your accommodation too, so don’t forget your booking confirmation paper.

The gate is only open to four wheel drives as the roads in Limpopo National Park aren’t suitable for regular cars. Also note that the gate is only open during the day. Check what time it closes when you plan your route so you don’t get caught on the wrong side!