Game Walking Trails – Feel the Thrill

Going on game walking trails in Kruger National Park is an experience you’ll never forget. See and hear the bush up close as game rangers lead you on these once in a lifetime tours.

Morning walk, Kruger National ParkKruger Park walks normally last about 3-4 hours. We talk about these tours on this page. If you’re after information about the longer treks, read our Kruger walking safaris page.

When you go on a guided Kruger National Park bush walk, two armed professional park rangers lead you. They know what all the signs, sounds and sights of the bush mean.

There are three types of game walks to choose from.

One is an early morning walk which leaves before dawn. You must be up and ready well before sunrise. It’s hard getting up that early, but the Kruger National Park tours are definitely worth the effort!

Almost all morning Kruger National Park walking tours leave from rest camps before the gates open to regular traffic. That means you must stay the night before at the rest camp that your particular tour leaves from.

You’ll leave the rest camp in darkness on a special open-sided four wheel drive. You’ll travel on roads that aren’t open to regular park visitors. You might be lucky and spot a few nocturnal animals on the way to the walking trail starting off point, such as spring hares and bushbabies.

Kruger National Park safari vehicleThe other types of game walks are afternoon walks and a river walk.

When the Kruger National Park wildlife walk starts you walk single file behind the rangers at a relaxed pace. It’s a daunting feeling being last in the line. Who knows what’s behind you!

The most amazing thing you’ll find out on a game walk is how noisy the bush is! Insects chirping, birds singing, baboons barking. The rangers will tell you what the animal calls mean.

Mopani wormsWe’ll never forget hearing mopani worms eat! They were on every leaf of a tree munching away. The sound of chewing was so loud, we thought the tree was making the noise!

Need help to choose where to go on your game walk? Kruger National Park has walking trails operating from:

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Unfortunately, you can’t take children under 13 on the walks.

If you go on a guided walk remember to:

  • Wear closed shoes
  • Wear dark coloured clothing
  • Bring your camera and binoculars

You’ll never forget the Kruger National Park game walking trails!