Caravan and Camp Sites for Budget Accommodation

There are caravan and camp sites at just over half the Kruger National Park rest camps. The camp sites are fairly well serviced. Most come with an electricity power point and are a short walk from toilet and shower blocks, laundries and communal kitchen facilities.

Caravan and camp sitesThis page is about these camp sites. If you’re after information about camping in the park in general, read our Kruger Park camping page, although some of its points are covered here.

Most camp grounds around Kruger National Park have trees, which is great for shade in the very hot summer months. It gets to over 40°C (104°F)! Underfoot though, it’s not very grassy. In fact, at some of the camping sites, there’s sand underfoot, rather than soil.

Camp sites are allocated on a first come first served basis for the most part, but check this when you make your booking. Camping grounds are often busy, so it’s good to claim your spot as soon as you arrive at the rest camp.

We like to choose a spot which is close to the rest camp fence. This gives us a chance to watch any Kruger National Park animals that might be passing by on the other side of the fence.

We also try to avoid being close to the communal kitchen. It can be noisy there with people washing up.

The communal kitchens have a fridge and some have a hot water urn which will save you from having to boil your own water at your camp site.

All camp sites have a braai (BBQ) grid. Cook your own food and enjoy being outdoors as much as possible!

Keep an eye on your food at all times though, so monkeys don’t steal it! Also make sure you lock your tent. Monkeys are clever and can easily get in there if you don’t!

Here is a list of the Kruger National Park rest camps which have caravanning and camp sites. The most people that can stay at any one camp site is 6.

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