Cape Buffalo – Powerful Beasts of the Savannah

The Cape buffalo, or African buffalo, is the type of buffalo found in Kruger National Park. It’s one of the big 5, so it’s an animal that people definitely try to see. Luckily, it’s one of the easiest of the big five to spot.

Cape buffaloBuffalo are almost always found in herds, although you can come across individuals from time to time. Buffalo herds can be enormous. You could see hundreds of them making their way slowly through the savannah.

We came across a huge buffalo herd crossing the road in front of us. Luckily, it was just the first couple of buffalo crossing the road and there was a gap between them and the rest. We drove through the gap and carried on.

When we come across a large buffalo herd, we:

  • Wait for a break in the herd before driving on
  • Wait until the herd has completely crossed the road so it is clear; or
  • Turn around and try a different road

Buffalos look like calm animals, but they’re very strong and their horns are sharp. They are a force to be reckoned with! On one game drive, the ranger taking us told us about a time that he watched a battle between a lion and a buffalo that lasted an excruciating 24 hours!

Cape buffaloA buffalo is the “hero” in the video called Battle At Kruger. It’s a fascinating video that shows how incredible these creatures are! The buffalos work together in a way you never thought wildlife could!

When you come across buffalo, look out for the little oxpecker birds likely to be sitting on the buffalo eating ticks and other insects, particularly around the ears and neck.

There are 2,500 buffalo in Kruger National Park, so you’ll almost certainly come across these big 5 animals if you’re in the park for more than a day.