Bush Braai – Safari Game Drive and Dinner

A bush braai is an evening meal combined with a game drive to a BBQ site and back again.

The drive there will be in daylight and the drive back to your rest camp will be in darkness.

ZebraIt’s like going on a sunset drive (without the dinner) where you’re out in a safari vehicle, you get to see the sun set and then carry on driving at night with the chance to see nocturnal animals.

Kruger National Park rest camps that run braai tours are:

You need to be staying the night at the same rest camp that your bush BBQ leaves from.

A Kruger Park ranger will pick you up from the camp and drive you to a select location for a barbecued meal of game meat, sausages, veggies and salads. To top it off, desert, tea, coffee and alcoholic drinks are on offer.

While you’re eating your food, be sure to keep your eyes and ears out, looking for and listening to any wildlife in the bush around you. Oh, and don’t forget to take your camera!

The game drive to the braai venue goes for one hour, then the meal lasts 1.5 to 2 hours. The return night drive is about half an hour long. So that’s a total outing time of 3 to 3.5 hours.

The word braai, pronounced bry (rhyming with fly), is the South African (Afrikaans) word for BBQ.

As you’ll be leaving for your braai in daylight, the temperature may be warmer then than after the sun goes down. It’s a good idea to take or wear some warmer clothing. Plus you’ll be in open-sided game vehicles on your game drives to and from the braai venue and it can get cool in the wind as the vehicle goes along. Especially in winter.

When you’re out in the bush, it’s always sensible to have the right footwear for the occasion and in this case, closed shoes are best. You don’t want to have bugs biting your feet!