Budget Kruger Safari Travel Information

If you’re after a budget Kruger safari, there’s a good number of travel, accommodation, catering and tour choices for the National Park.


Staying in Kruger National Park is quite a lot cheaper than the accommodation offered by surrounding private game reserves. If you want to save even more money, you can choose what sort of place you want to stay in, within the national park itself.

ElephantsA budget Kruger Park trip begins with camping and caravanning. This is the best budget travel option as accommodation is always one of the largest costs. You can certainly save here.

The next cheapest places to stay in are huts, safari tents and then the basic type of bungalows, all of which have basic facilities and are convenient if you’re not travelling with camping gear. Then come the more luxurious bungalows, cottages and guest houses.

Getting to the Park

Although you can fly to airports that are very close to Kruger National Park, it’s likely to be more affordable flying to Johannesburg Airport and renting a car from there. The drive from Johannesburg Airport to the closest park entrance gates is about 400km. See the Kruger National Park map for more details.

From Cape Town, it’s also cheaper flying to Johannesburg than to a regional airport near the park. If you’re travelling from Cape Town with a group of people, you could take a couple of extra days and drive to the park.

Travel around the Park

River in Kruger National ParkBecause of the distances involved in travelling to and from the park and because it’s very likely you’ll need a car inside the park, you’ll save some money if you can share the car with friends and family.

Fill up your car before entering the park. Fuel is a bit more expensive inside it.


Self-catering in the park will save you a fair amount of money. All accommodation within the park have their own braais (BBQs) which are great for cooking dinners!

You can also save money by buying supplies before you enter the park.

Tours in the Park

Game drives aren’t just for the wealthy and they’re well worth it!

If you want to be further immersed in the bush, morning or afternoon game walking trails often give you extra value. They’re life experiences! Although they’re a bit more expensive than game drives, they’re definitely something to try.

A budget Kruger safari is certainly within reach. Kruger National Park really does try to make itself available for everyone to enjoy!