Biyamiti Rest Camp – A Beautiful Woodland Escape

Biyamiti Rest Camp is in the southern region of Kruger National Park, where you can enjoy staying there in cottages, the only accommodation available.

Vervet monkeyThe camp gets its name from the river which it’s on the banks of and is 22km (14 miles) from Crocodile Bridge Gate.

The only activity led by rangers which you can go on from the rest camp is a sunset game drive.

The rest camp is a bushveld camp, meaning that it doesn’t have any shops, restaurants, cafes or even a swimming pool. Therefore, you must be prepared to fully self-cater with your own food to stay there. You might buy your food from a main rest camp shop or have brought it into Kruger National Park with you.

You can only get to the rest camp on dirt roads. If you’re travelling there in summer when sub-tropical downpours are common, make sure you allow plenty of time to get to the camp on the muddy roads.

In extreme cases, you may not be able to get there at all, especially without a four wheel drive, or if you’re at the camp, you might have to wait for the roads to dry out a bit before you can leave.

The rest camp has a lovely bird hide where you can spend as much time as you like watching and listening. Woodland birds are common in the area, like the African barred owlet and Retz’s (red-billed) helmet-shrike.

There’s also a family of vervet monkeys inside the camp, so make sure you don’t leave any food unattended.

This includes food in your fridge (if it’s in an outdoor kitchen). To manage this scenario, turn your fridge to the wall so the door can’t be fully opened. Also ensure you don’t leave any food scraps in a non-monkey proof bin. If you do, you might come back to find the scraps strewn all over the place!