Bed and Breakfast Options

We’ve put together some useful bed and breakfast options and ideas for your safari to Kruger National Park.

We’ve broken this information into three sections – one about the types of accommodation where you can cater for breakfast yourself, another about bought breakfasts and finally breakfasts at guest houses outside the park.

Self-Catering Breakfast

There are a number of accommodation options in Kruger National Park which come with self-catering facilities. When you make your Kruger Park booking, confirm that your accommodation does in fact have access to a kitchen and utensils. Typically:

  • Huts – only have shared kitchens
  • Safari tents – only have shared kitchens
  • Bungalows – may have shared kitchens or their own kitchens
  • Cottages – have their own kitchens
  • Guest houses – have their own kitchens

If you’re camping or for that matter staying in any other type of accommodation, you can bring along your own cooking utensils. Or, you could use the shared kitchens to cook up a storm for breakfast.

If you’re out and about and want to make a nice breakfast en route, you can hire a skottel braai (gas BBQ plate) from picnic sites. They’re great for making bacon and eggs on toast!

Bought Breakfast

If you don’t fancy making your own breakfast, there’s always the option of getting something to eat from the shops or sitting down to eat at the restaurants in the main rest camps. Smaller rest camps don’t have restaurants.

You could also consider travelling to a picnic site where you can buy something from its shop.

Another option is to combine your breakfast with a tour. This activity is called a bush breakfast. Ask at the rest camp you plan to stay at if they run bush breakfasts.

If you’re staying at one of the 5 star luxury lodges in Kruger National Park, your accommodation will most definitely include breakfast. Sit down, relax and tuck in!

Regional Options

In the areas surrounding Kruger National Park, there are many, many guest houses offering breakfast with their accommodation. A quick search on the internet will show you what’s on offer. Alternatively, you could ask your travel agent.