Kruger National Park is famous for its variety of animals, from magnificent elephants right down to the lizards you’ll find scuttling around rest camps.

Wildlife – there are over 100 animal species.  Read more to find out about getting your animal checklist, how to see what other people have spotted and when you may expect to see baby animals.

Big 5 – put on your history hat and find out which animals were traditionally the most hunted.  Can you guess what they are before you click the link?

Antelope – there are so many kinds of antelope, we have even made them their very own section on our website.

Birds – some visitors to Kruger National Park travel there with a bird safari in mind.  With over 500 species calling the park home, don’t forget to pack your binoculars and bird book.

Reptiles – find out the best places to spot different kinds of reptiles, featuring crocodiles, tortoises and lizards.  Get your reptile checklist.