Accommodation near Kruger National Park – Where to Book Tips

Looking for accommodation near Kruger National Park? There’s lots of it. In fact the choice can be overwhelming.

If you’re not staying in Kruger National Park itself, but do want to be in the area, there are a couple of of ways to help narrow down the choice. The first thing to do is consider the type of trip you’re having in conjunction with where, location-wise, you’d like to stay.

Trip Types

Here are some ideas for the kind of visit you might have:

Are you just passing through the area en route to somewhere else?

You may find staying in a regular hotel or B&B in a local town is all you need, unless you take the opportunity and have the time to stay just outside Kruger National Park and book on a game drive at your accommodation’s reception! It’s worth trying, especially if you haven’t been on a safari before!

WildebeestAre you visiting friends or family? You may be able to stay with your relatives. You could think about asking them.

Are you visiting for business? Your company may have a preferred hotel supplier and a maximum accommodation budget. Check what these are before you book!

Are you visiting the region? There’s lots to see around the Kruger region, such as the Kruger to Canyons Biosphere, a natural wonder, marvellous rock formations, passes, rivers and waterfalls. Some people even visit the area to play golf!

Are you going on safari to Kruger Park? There are plenty of opportunities to go on safari in the park without staying in it.

The type of place you stay at for this depends on how much you’d like to spend. For the budget option, there’s self-catering camping or caravanning and there are several backpacker’s in the vicinity, moving up to B&Bs, hotels then luxury 5-star chalets.

Area-Based Accommodation

Kruger National Park covers a big area. So much so it stretches across two provinces, Mpumalanga in the south and Limpopo in the north.

Are you looking to stay near a particular town or close to a Kruger Park gate? If you know the answer to questions like these then searching for accommodation will be a lot easier as you’ll have fewer options to consider.

When you pick your accommodation, it’s handy to have an idea if you’ll be staying to the south or west of the park or even over the border in Mozambique, in Limpopo National Park or otherwise, or Zimbabwe!