5 Day Safari Kruger – Time to Visit Two Regions

If you’re having a 5 day safari Kruger National Park will give you a very memorable trip.

Zebras5 days is enough time to deeply explore two regions of the game reserve. That is, the southern and central regions or the central and northern regions.

During your stay, you could base yourself at a reasonably central rest camp and spend each day exploring in a different direction.

Or, book in at one rest camp and then move to another one, so you can spend a couple of days at each.

Rest camps offer a range of activities and they do vary slightly between camps. These tours are led by rangers and it’s well worth going on one or two, such as a:

4×4 and Hiking Trails

If you’re a keen 4×4 trail driver, you could spend your entire Kruger 5 day safari doing one of the four wheel drive routes.

The perfect match for a 5 day safari is the Lebombo Eco-Trail. The route starts at the very bottom of Kruger National Park at Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp and goes to the Pafuri picnic site near the top of the northern region.

If you like four wheel driving, but don’t want to spend the entire 5 days on a 4×4 route, there are shorter trails to choose from. They range from half a day to 2 days.

Yellow acacia flowerAlternatively, if you love hiking or would like to give it a try, you could go on a 4 day backpacking trek.

These could be quite challenging, especially in the hot and humid summer weather, because you need to carry gear with you. There’s quite a selection of these walking safaris to choose from.

Conservation Fees

No matter how many days you stay in Kruger National Park, you need to pay the conservation fee. So, if you’re staying for 5 days, you need to pay for each of those days.