4 Day Kruger National Park Safari – What to Do

A 4 day Kruger National Park safari will give you time to see a good variety of wildlife at a relaxed pace. Why not try a game drive and walk too?

GiraffeGoing on a 4 day safari in most cases is going to be fairly similar to the 3 day safari. The main difference is what you can fit into that one extra day.

On a 3 day safari, you’re probably only going to stick to the southern part of the park. (The southern area is where most people enter the park.)

On the 4 day safari, you can have the chance, with a little more driving, to venture into the lower reaches of central Kruger National Park.

The vegetation in the park changes as you go north, so you’ll get the chance to see different flora and scenery. That in turn leads to a slightly different mix of animals. This includes the bird life!

If you’re planning to stay in the lower part of the central region of Kruger National Park, rest camps in the area are:

  • Maroela
  • Orpen
  • Satara
  • Talamati
  • Tamboti

Of these camps, only Orpen and Satara are main rest camps. This means that they have general stores, swimming pools, cottages and camp sites to stay at. The other camps don’t have general stores nor pools.

Only people who are camping or caravanning can stay at Maroela, and Tamboti just has permanent safari tents set up. Talamati is similar, but only offers self-catering cottage-style accommodation.

With your extra time in the park, you should consider going on at least one of a game drive or game walk, if not both!

Game drives are very informative and are the only way to see the park outside of your rest camp when it’s dark.

Game walks are unforgettable! Imagine being lead through the wild bushveld by a ranger, relying on their tracking skills to lead the way. What an adventure!

Remember too, that the longer you’re in the park, the more types of wildlife you’ll see. You have a better chance of seeing the big 5 too. We have comprehensive animal and bird check lists which you can download from our site for free and take with you on your Kruger National Park safari.